The Exterior View Of The Clinic

This Board can be seen outside at Night.

Electronic weight machine for accurate measurement of your baby’s Weight.

The Life size cartoon of Doremon ,so that your child stay entertained.

My cabin with lots of cartoons ,to get that homely feel for your child.

Huge Waiting area so that you always get the place to sit.

Reception Counter with dedicated Breastfeeding room behind ,so that you breastfed your child comfortably without worrying about anyone.

Some Micky mouse with Donald Duck characters.

This board can be seen from outside of the clinic in daytime.

Children’s day celebration at Ashwin Child Health Clinic.

All types of vaccination at affordable prices.

Latest Infantometer – To measure Height of the baby.

Infrared Thermometer- To measure the temperature of the baby accurately.

Otoscope- To examine the Ears gently and with accuracy.

Head circumference Measuring tape.