Sandy Badhe

Dr. Gaurav is a great doctor. He seems to care for his patients and takes time to answer all of our questions. He also truly cares for my child & takes time during each visit, we never feel rushed.


Sandeep Morankar

Dr. Gaurav is very helpful and excellent in his work. He seems to care for his patients and takes time to answer all of our questions with his great experience and knowledge. I am always thankful for his service and recommend for others to visit @ Ashwin Clinic

Mrs Lalana Thorat

Dr. Gaurav Nerkar sir is very Nice and friendly Doctor and he is treat very well, and guide very well to parents , Good Knowledge and experience Giving to good suggestions , suguest to all parents Visit to Ashwin child health clinic🙂

Sunil Patil-

Nice Treatment…Nice Doctor…Nice Human being.

Dnyaneshwar Bhadane

👌Very good supported team.

Nikhil Sonaje

My daughter was very ill ,I shown to many doctors,did many tests but nobody could diagnosed her well. My friend told me to go to Dr. Nerkar . When I visited his clinic ,I felt it was awesome with pleasant and nice decor. Before touching my daughter he took detailed history and asked many questions then he want on to examine her. He explained the situation to us and prescribed medication. My daughter started improving slowly and now she is absolutely okay. Thank you doctor for your help and support. I fully recommend you to all my friends and family.


Suresh Kumar  

Dr Nerkar sir is great with his work and very efficient. I am extremely happy with the experience and would recommend him to my family and friends. Very good and well knowledge doctor and very deep guidance to parents. That really helps when you have to take your little ones to the doctor.

Vivek Pawar


He is really a Great Docter. I only trust him when it comes to my child

Sunita Badame


My Grandson was suffering from fever, I showned to many doctor, did all tests but he was not okay. But when I consult to Dr. Nerkar, he diagonsed him correctly and have correct medicine. My Grandson is okay now. Thanks a lot Doctor…

Hetal Gala


Dr. Gaurav gives clear diagnosis and doesn’t order too much Tests. Excellent doctor

Dr. Nerkar is a very friendly and intelligent. He always gives specific treatment and doesn’t give a lot of medicine. He always responds to call and give ample of time. I highly recommend him to everyone who wants genuine treatment.

Doctor gave very genuine treatment to my younger sister.. Many advised us to do expensive tests but doctor diagnosed without tests.. Thanks doctor

Very good clinic and Dr nerkar sir very co operative nature.

Very much cooperative.

Doctor is extremely good with kids. He is approachable and answers all our questions patiently. Highly recommend his services. Thank you doctor.

My daughter was very ill. We showed to many doctors. This doctor diagnose her correctly and now she is ok. Thank you sir.

Very good and well knowledge doctor and very deep guidance to child mom&dad.

Doctor has given very Good and genuine treatment to my Nephew.

Good doctor affordable for all type of patients…

Doctor gives enough time for patient. Explains the root cause significantly well. Highly recommended.

Good doctor,solves all my queries.He only gives 2 or 3 syrups for the children.takes 100 re fee. Vaccination also available at affordable prices

Very good and genuine doctor,Always try to give genuine consultation and write minimum medications. Fee only 100 rs. All the children in my family now his patients